Business Trip Reports

Business Trip Reports

Using your private vehicle for business trips can be much more convenient than using public transport, particularly with the current restrictions on public transport, but keeping records and submitting expense claims can be a time-consuming task and it is easy to forget exactly where you went and what route you took.

Luckily GPS Trackers make mileage tracking a doddle, particularly with's high frequency reporting with second by second, turn by turn tracking ensuring mileage claims are a true reflection of your trips.

By default, all trips are set as a private trip, but a quick visit to the website or by using the app, you can quickly switch the trip to be business, you can even change the default settings so that trips default to being classed as a business.


Using the built-in Trip report it is easy to quickly download a report of your recent driving and extract the miles driven for you to submit alongside your Expenses claim, you can even set up the report to be emailed directly to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis ensuring you'll never miss out on mileage claims again.

How much can I claim for business miles?

Employees can be paid for using their own vehicle for business trips using Mileage Allowance Payments, the table below provides a summary of current rates for 2019-2020 financial year.

Type of vehicle Rate per business mile 2019 to 2020 
Car For tax purposes: 45 pence for the first 10,000 business miles in a tax year, then 25 pence for each subsequent mile

For National Insurance purposes: 45 pence for all business miles
Motorcycle 24 pence for both tax and National Insurance purposes and for all business miles
Cycle 20 pence for both tax and National Insurance purposes and for all business miles

Source: website

The rates for mileage allowance payments are re-published yearly and are based on fuel prices and maintenance costs.  

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