Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Your worst nightmare - you wake up to find your car or van and everything inside it missing from your drive. By the time you make the discovery, it'll be long gone with little chance of getting it back.

With real-time alerting of movement of your vehicle from a location, you'll know as soon as someone tries to move it, allowing you to quickly act - to ensure you keep your property safe.

Our trackers take minutes to install and if someone tries to tamper with your vehicle you'll get a notification straight to your phone. If your vehicle is moved from its storage location you'll get a notification and if you choose, you can even get a notification every time the engine starts!

Not only do we protect your vehicle - we also log your trips, remind you about upcoming checks or services and provide monitoring of your vehicle battery.

  • Real-time alerts of vehicle movement from a location
  • European wide tracking of vehicles
  • Easy install simply plug in or connect up the tracker and thats it!

My van got taken off the drive, my phone woke me up before it reached the end of the road and we had it back within 40 minutes. - Murphy's Plumbing 

  • Get Real-time Alerts

    Highly configurable alert system. Our unique ARMED mode increases notifications if your vehicle is moved without your knowledge.

  • Tracking

    Track the location, direction and speed of vehicles in real-time.

  • Recovery

    We work with Insurers and Police forces across the world and recover 90% of the vehicles reported to us as stolen.