App Update - Version 2.0.0 App Update - Version 2.0.0

We have just released a major new version of the App, this version has a change in UI layout and has had large parts of the app re-written to improve performance and set us up for a raft of new features that we are planning on adding over the coming months.

the biggest change is that there is no longer the restriction of one app per driver so you can log in on as many devices as you want and get alerts on ALL of them!!  

We've also moved to a more modern design that uses a side menu rather than tabs, this fastly improves performance AND gives space for future expansion, we'll be working through the individual screens and improving the UI over the next month or so to make the app feel more modern.

The side menu also gives us a lot more freedom to add in more functionality over the next weeks and months, we have lots of ideas, but also love to hear from our customers so do let us know!

You can find the latest version in the Google Play and Apple app stores NOW.

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