Flexible Billing NOW LIVE!

Flexible Billing NOW LIVE!

One of the most regular feature requests we receive is to provide a more flexible way to manage accounts with more than one tracker, it used to be that the product tier (Basic, Standard or Pro) applied across the whole account which meant that users with more than one tracker had to choose a compromise between features and costs.  BUT NOT ANYMORE!!

Tracker Tiers

You can now manage the tier per tracker on your account, you will find the new option is available under the 'Tracker' tab of the Vehicle details page, you can change this setting once any included service for that tracker has run out, so after 1 month for PAYG trackers or 12 months for others, once you've changed tier the new pricing will take effect and the various features for that tracker will become active (or inactive) to reflect the change.

This means you can set your work van to Pro level for that full management experience, your weekend toy to Standard so you get low battery alerts and geofencing and your partners car to Basic just in case you need to know where it is.  You can see an overview of each tier on the pricing page.

Billing and Top-Ups

At any time you can visit the Billing page for your account and see the current credit level remaining on your account as well as a summary of the active subscriptions and monthly amounts, if you have less than £50 remaining you'll also see an option to top-up and doing so for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months will give you some serious savings too!

Don't need a tracker any more?

If you don't need a tracker that is on your account, simply contact support and they will arrange for it to be removed from your account and disabled, you can then either dispose of it with your other e-waste, or return it to us for responsible recycling, we'll even supply a postage-paid envelope on request!

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