Gps Trackers Now Support Amazon Alexa!

Gps Trackers Now Support Amazon Alexa!

Today we are excited to announce a skill for Amazon Alexa that will allow you tofind your vehicle location, track your driving behaviour and get info on your last trip without lifting a finger.

Voice assistants, like Alexa, are being adopted faster than almost any other technology to dateOver a third of smart speaker owners use their devices to help keep them on track and organized, which includes setting alarms, timers, and scheduling. Tracking these trends, we designed a new skill for Alexa to unlock the data about your vehicles and driving habits and help you stay on top of your vehicle usage. This new tool builds on our current cross-platform compatibilities on desktop, mobile, and tablet. 


The skill is easy to install and link to your account, simply click this link on your phone or search for 'Drive Pro' in the Alexa app.  Don't forget to follow in the instructions to link your account.

Things to try

Here are a few phrases you can use to find out things:

"Alexa, ask Drive Pro where my car is"

"Alexa, ask Drive Pro where  is the <vehicle name>"

"Alexa, ask Drive Pro about my last trip"

"Alexa, ask Drive Pro what my score is"

"Alexa, ask Drive Pro what I'm driving"

"Alexa, ask Drive Pro to assign me to <vehicle name>"


This is version one of the Alex skill, we have some plans of our own for future functionality but we love hearing from customers so please let us know what your think of the skill and what features YOU think we should add to Alexa!

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