How do I use Geofences?

How do I use Geofences?

Geofences are virtual fences that can be set up on the GPS tracking platform by simply drawing a shape on a map, you can then add events to let you know when a vehicle goes into our out of the zone.  The platform also records a wealth of information about each visit such as the driver, the enter time, the duration in the zone, when it left and what trip the visit was part of.

Geofences alert in realtime, so you'll know immediately if a vehicle transits the boundary and alerts can be sent via email or straight to your mobile.

You can use geofences for many reasons, we've put together a few ideas:

  • add one around your home so you can get an alert if your vehicle leaves unexpectedly
  • work sites so you know when staff arrive or leave
  • restricted areas, roads or other features to alert for exceptions
  • warehouses to get forward warning of vehicle arrivals

We've put together a short video to show you how to add a geofence to the system.


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