How to activate your GPS tracker and set up your account

How to activate your GPS tracker and set up your account

So you've just received one of our trackers in the post, what next??  

It is best to activate the tracker before you install it so that you can use the website to see when the tracker is online and correctly installed, you can follow along with the video below on how to set up your account and activate the subscription that came with your GPS tracker purchase and once you have done that you can install the tracker in your vehicle.

You can find tutorials on our YouTube channel covering how to install the GPS tracker into your car, van, classic or motorbike, and if you have any questions during the install, just drop the support team and email, call or online chat message.

Once the box is installed, switch on your vehicle ignition and the tracker will send its current location to the website, the first time you do this, it may take a minute or two for the tracker to find a GPS signal, but once it does, the website will update.

Don't forget to download or Apps to your phone to track in realtime and receive alerts directly to your phone.


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