How to install a GPS tracker on a Motorbike

How to install a GPS tracker on a Motorbike

We often get asked how easy it is to install one of your GPS trackers into a Motorcycle, and our answer is always the same - as long as you have a spanner or a screwdriver anyone can fit one of our trackers and it only takes a few minutes.   

To show just how easy it really is, we've put together this short step-by-step video walking through the installation and activation process on a motorbike, I'm sure you'll agree it really is very straightforward!

All motorcycles are slightly different, but there is always room to tuck our little GPS tracker out of sight and hidden away and being IP65 rated means it doesn't matter if it gets wet.

Don't forget you can always give us a shout via email, online chat or even on the phone if you have any issues or need installation advice.



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