New Feature - Emergency Contacts!

New Feature - Emergency Contacts!

Just in time for the winter season is pleased to announce our newest feature - emergency contacts!  Those of you that have already been unlucky enough to experience a crash with one of our trackers in the car will already know that our crash alerts are generated within a few seconds of an impact, but now, when we detect a significant impact, we can send a message to a list of up to 3 emergency contacts via SMS, these users don't even need to have a account or the app, just a phone!

The SMS contains a tracking link that will allow the recipient to live track your vehicle to make sure you are ok.

How to add an emergency contact

You can find the section to add the phone numbers for your emergency contacts under your driver profile, currently, we support UK mobile numbers and they can be entered as 07xxxxxxxxx format or in international 447xxxxxxxxx format, we'll be adding numbers from the rest of Europe to the supported list later this month.

Watch our handy video to see how to add numbers and how the system works!

Crash Detection

Detecting a crash is relatively straightforward, but filtering out potholes and suchlike and ensuring there are very few false alerts is much more tricky, our data scientists process over 3 million miles of driving EVERY DAY and we use the latest technology to filter out false events.

Crash Reports

Don't forget that if you are unfortunate enough to have a crash, the black box in your car will generate a report including your speed, the impact timings & directions and the expected damage to your vehicle, this is both useful for Fleet Managers and self-insuring drivers, but can help defend crashes and ensure blame is assigned to the correct party.  We work with a number of insurers across the globe helping their policyholders to defend claims against them.

The Future

We are working to add support for sending alerts to other systems such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and this should be available in early 2021.  We are also in the final stages of developing a personal panic button that will work in a 50-meter range around your vehicle, so in the event of something occurring a simple button press can alert others of your location quickly, this is in Beta test now and will launch early next year - contact us to learn more or join in with the testing!


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