Protect your vehicle with a GPS tracker

Protect your vehicle with a GPS tracker

It doesn't matter if you a professional driver or own a personal vehicle, it is extremely inconvenient when your vehicle is not available and particularly so when its been stolen.  That is where a GPS tracker comes in handy, not only can it act as a deterant, but if you are a victim of vehicle crime, there is a good chance you can track your vehicle which can help in recovery.

How does a GPS tracker help secure your vehicle?

While is very difficult to prevent a determined, professional thief, it is quite possible to stop them thinking your car is a good target, many thieves are aware of the power of GPS trackers and just the sight of a device will be enough to make them steer clear of your car.


Our trackers also come with a range of features that help even more, the DrivePro platform lets you set up notifications for certain events that happen, this could be as simple as an alert every time your ignition is switched on,  through to more complex alerts such as tamper or towing notifications.  You can even add alerts when your vehicle enters or exits a cetain area, for example, you could set up a geofence around your home, and if your vehicle moves outside that area, you'll be immeidately notified.


Finally if your car does get taken, our realtime tracking, avaialbe on our app or via the website, and our multi-network sim cards ensure thay you'll be in a good position to track your vehicle in realtime and relay that information to the Polcie to aid recovery of your possesions. 

Driver Authorization

We also have solutions available that require a driver to check-in via a Dallas Key prior to the vehicle ignition being enabled, this both helps protect against theft, but also ensure only authorized drivers are using your assets - contact for more info.

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