Van thefts on the rise in 2020

Van thefts on the rise in 2020

The latest stats are out and it's shocking!  30 vans are being stolen across the UK EVERY DAY!

More than ever, vans are the cornerstone of a huge number of businesses, from tradespeople, couriers, private contractors and with COVID, even local shops are buying vans to carry out local delivery. 

A recent study has highlighted that van related crime is increasing across the UK and the result is a cost of over £61.9 million to businesses in lost tools and other items since 2016 and a rise of over 8% year on year and a continuing upwards trend.

If your van was missing or the contents stolen it could be days before you are back on the road and working,  so this is where comes in, fit one of our trackers and you'll know where your van is at all times, you can set up alerts to tell you if there is motion in your van from someone tampering or towing it, and set up geofences to get alerts when it leaves your home address!

Protect your van and its contents with an easy to fit tracker today!


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