What is a Speed Warning Level?

What is a Speed Warning Level?

When you install a DrivePro tracker in your car, you are getting more than just a simple GPS tracker, you are unlocking access to the same suite of analytics that is used by some of the worlds biggest Insurance companies as part of their Insurance Telematics policies.  We'll be introducing some of these metrics and reports over the next few Blog posts.

Assuming a driver registered on your account has been driving, they will receive some feedback every 10 days, this feedback provides a summary of their driving style, a score out of 100% for their driving (0% is Bad and 100% is Excellent), and a Speed Warning Level, for someone that stays within the speed limit and drives in an average style, they would score around about 75% and their speed warning level will be zero, however, if we've detected speeding or riskier driving, their score will reduce and the Speed Warning Level will increase.

We monitor 100s of metrics about each trip driven and produce around 20 main factors that make up the driver score, however, speeding is one of the most important factors we consider when building scoring algorithms for insurers and is equally important when considering younger or less experienced drivers as well as commercial drivers that are under pressure to meet deadlines or delivery schedules.  However, we also know and appreciate that going fast when conditions allow is a common occurrence so we make it easy to enable or disable speeding alerts for each driver you have on your account.

We monitor vehicle speed against our extensive database of road speed limit road signs as well as our knowledge of how traffic normally flows on the road network and if the vehicle is over the speed limit or we see excessive speeding the speed warning level will increase.  Our algorithms are pragmatic and are designed to detect persistent speeding so a small period of time above the speed limit has very little impact, but if we detect longer, more persistent speeding the speed warning level may increase.

Every 10 days, when the next feedback is given to a driver, the speed level will be based on the severity of speeding detected or will reduce if there are no speeding events.  On each drivers profile page, you can see the speeding events detected along with the maximum and average speeds detected and links to see the entire trip.

As a fleet manager or parent, the Speed Warning Level gives a quick and easy way to monitor driver speeding and quickly identify and address driver behaviour.

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