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Drivepro FMB965 Low Power GPS Tracker - 1 Month Pro Service Bundle

Drivepro FMB965 Low Power GPS Tracker - 1 Month Pro Service Bundle

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Keep your motorcycle and rider safe

This GPS tracker is perfect for motorcycles and other vehicles with smaller batteries and features a large internal battery that can power the tracker for up to 30 days - significantly reducing parasitic drain on the vehicle battery.

Protect Your Bike & Rider

This self-install GPS tracker includes a SIM card and 1 month PRO service that works right across the UK & Europe. Track your vehicle in real-time and get alerts when your vehicle enters and/or exits certain areas. You can also set up driving alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and severe cornering, etc. Notifications are sent directly to your Android/iOS phone.

Easy Installation

Simply plug it in and be up and running in seconds, the wires are colour coded so ANYONE can do it, no mechanical experience is needed! 


Set up distance or time-based reminders for your vehicle, we'll remind you via your phone or email and record who completed the check, great for classic cars, work vehicles and more!

Crash Alert and Emergency Contacts

If we detect a major crash event, you can configure a number of contacts to alert, they'll receive a real-time notification and be able to track your vehicle and make sure you are ok. Great for lone workers!


You can share your current location, live location, trip or set of trips with your friends and via social networks quickly and easily, fantastic for road trips, expense claims and group rides!

Reporting and Feedback

Reporting is built-in, make reports on trips, expenses, and more, you can even schedule regular reports that are emailed directly to your inbox. Each driver will also receive regular feedback on their recent driving, it's up to you if you read it though!

UK Support

UK based Support via phone and chat!

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